Top 10 Personal Loan Money Lenders In Singapore (2017 Update)

Top 10 Personal Loan Money Lenders In Singapore (2017 Update)


A moneylender is a person or group who typically offers small personal loans at high rates of interest and is distinct from banks and financial institutions that typically provide such loans. For a quick and low interest loan in the country, give us a call and let’s discuss the most flexible product to meet your needs. Both listed the annual interest rate at 3.72 per cent, about half that charged by Credit88. It is possible to lodge a complaint against a licensed moneylender and lose the licence easily, therefore it is not possible for a licensed moneylender to do anything against regulations as the risk is too high.

In order to rely on section 14(2), the borrower must prove that the lender was an unlicensed moneylender”. Fill out this form below and a local hard money lender will be in touch with you in the next 48 hours! Moneylender With a private money lender, they don’t always put the loan up against your assets, though if you do opt for this, the interest rates will be lower.

Written in simple language, The Money Lender is a fast read, humorous book which one can finish reading in one sitting. If nothing else pans out, sure licensed money lenders might not be a bad last resort, as long as you pay the money back quickly. Having said that, it is common for the duration of a hard money loan to top off at 12 months.

As with other states or nations in the world, lots of loan Shark companies is present in Singapore also. If you need money quickly, without a stringent loan approval process, Fast Money is your answer. If somebody offers to loan you money without a contract OR asks you to sign a blank or incomplete contract, do not accept the offer.

They’ll sell the property and repay the loan, often within a year or so. It is possible to use hard money to get into a property and stay there, but you’d want to refinance as soon as you can get a better loan. With a simple application process and proof of identification, Singa Credit aim to ensure you get the money you need within the shortest time possible.


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