Improving Your Internet Connection Through Network Security

The internet is a necessity these days, especially the Wi Fi or the wireless internet connection. With this, you are not required anymore to deal with wirings and cables that would otherwise have been required for a non Wi Fi internet connection. With the Wi Fi, you only need to have a device with Wi Fi access and then connecting to the network knowing its usernames as well as its password.

But, just like other things, a Wi Fi connection cannot be perfect. There will also be some problems that can be encountered. And in fact, people are actually complaining about some things with the Wi Fi, especially about its speed. Now, if the PTCL speed test indicates to you that your internet connection speed is actually not what you deserve, then you definitely have to make some improvements. One of these is to make sure that your internet is secure from free connectivity. Otherwise, you will be providing free internet access to other people which could potentially lower your internet connection speed.

So this article will help you go around this problem by knowing how to improve your internet connection speed through network security. Read more below to find out the exact solutions.

Initial Username and Password Modification

Once you have availed an internet connection service from an internet service provider or ISP. You will When you just had a new Wi Fi connected, you will have a standard or default username or password. If you do not change this, it could potentially lead to hacks especially those hackers who know how to bypass the default usernames and passwords given by internet service providers. So what you should do when you have a new internet connection is to modify the initial username and password.

ptcl speed test

Supplying a Wireless Key

People who own a wireless network connection knows well that supplying or feeding a wireless network key into their systems is very important to secure it. This way, you will not be granting your neighbors some free access to the Wi Fi that you are paying for regularly.

Maintenance of Wireless System

A wireless internet connection can be bad if dish tv your wireless system is not functioning well. For instance, if your router is somehow broken, then the internet connection speed can get slow. Similarly, if the wirings or cables are not installed properly, then the connection can also get affected. So better check these things to make sure that your net is working properly.

The PTCL speed test will indicate you your internet connection speed. From that, you can determine if your internet speed is really the one that you are paying for. Otherwise, better consult with the previous factors to know the problem.

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