The decision to buy a puppy or adopting an adult dog

Many people still believe that adult dogs that have long waiting to be adopted in the shelters are “inferior” or “second-hand” dogs, having incorrigible disorders and to take them would be a sacrifice by the adopter.

There is also the opinion that the dog has to be more youthful as possible to be able to educate you well and to the taste of each one.My work as an educator canine has taught me that the reality is often different. It largely has to do with our society and the lifestyle that we have today doggy dans online dog trainer.

Few dog lovers have the time or dedication to learn in depth about the “canine to be” and their needs. Dogs are bought on impulse and its attractive appearance, little know for example the needs of dogs from high energy as the Beagle, Labrador Retriever or Cocker Spaniel. In addition, in a daily routine between work, children and other obligations we have little time to give proper attention to a dog’s age of less than a year.

There are canino-humanos conflicts that often end up with the dog in the Kennel municipal and disappointed and frustrated owner.It has no end why so, if we think well of all the consequences of acquiring a dog, if we take into account the time that we can devote to the newest member of our family and if we inform ourselves well on race or the type of dog that we choose and their age. Good idea is often ask other owners of the same race or other families who already have a dog.

When we have decided that we have the possibilities and the desire to devote much of our free time to a dog, is to think about whether will be puppy or adult dog, breed or without “pedigree”.

If we want a puppy, we have to take into account that during the first year of his life we must devote all our energy and our free time to their education, to make possible a friendly coexistence. We have to know that the “window” of socialization of a dog closes around the fourth month of his life and that hitherto we have to expose all the situations of urban life that you can be scary. That then the dog will continue to develop for a few months more, it will go through the phase of “adolescence” and it sought to place in the same human society in the canine in your environment.

If we do not know as guide to our doggy friend through these stages of your life with love, patience, wisdom and a good education, failure is assured.

If we are convinced that – alone or with professional help – we succeed, if we have enough experience to educate and train a puppy in such a way than no discomfort for the other inhabitants of our environment and to the dog live a happy life and develop a balanced character, is by mentioning that we of course do not acquire any dog from a Pet Shop Showcase , but that went to a breeder responsible for our chosen race that will teach us parents and all the litter, which can ensure that the puppy know what is life in a House, because not has lived most of his short life in a kennel, puppies have already been confronted with children, adults and other dogs and to bring the socialization suitable for their age.

If we decided that maybe not we – due to lack of experience or time – guide a puppy by the early stages of his life, better thinking about adopting a dog already more greater. Why?

  • Adopting a dog from a shelter saves another dog that can deal with its site in refuge life.
  • Many adult dogs already know how to do their depositions in the street.
  • Balanced adult dogs no longer have the tendency to chew furniture, shoes, carpets or curtains.
  • Adult dogs have more ability to focus on our education, many times they learn the basic orders with more reliability.
  • A dog of a protective Association normally have already wormed, vaccinated and in many cases already sterilized, which avoids the jealousy of the female and unexpected litters.
  • An adult dog (a starting from 2 – 3 years of age) is almost always more tranquil than a puppy, which provides much learn to stay only for a few hours of the day.
  • Many dogs awaiting a new life with another family, know family life and some orders Basic.
  • Many older, to be adopted dogs and given a second chance, are grateful and pick up a lot of affection to his new family.
  • The dog is already an adult and now will not change its appearance nor its size. We know immediately what you purchased.
  • An adult dog can join us immediately for activities such as hiking, holiday, Agility and other sports, because it no longer grows and already has enough physical strength.
  • Older dogs leave us more time for ourselves, and not demand so much attention and so much time as a young dog or a puppy.
  • Older dogs let us sleep at night, knowing already the schedules and human rhythms.

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