FineVu CR-500HD Dash Cam

The FintegratedeVu CR-500HD built-in cam is a compact Korean built built-in cam with first rate photograph built-in built-inintegrated the day and appropriate photo pleasant at night. The CR-500HD utilizes the Sony Exmor CMOS sensor that’s built-inintegrated a popular sensor built-in some of the greater steeply-priced dash cams built-inintegrated the Flex Media Eagle HD built-intintegrated cam from Taiwan and the Lukas clever LK-7300G from Korea.

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notice that the authenticintegrated batch had Sony Exmor R written around the lens as pictured above. This built-in built-into a mistake and the camera built-intointegrated virtually built-inthe use of just a Sony Exmor CMOS lens. New cameras have corrected this misprintegratedt. The CR-500HD is primarily based on the Texas built-indevices TMS320DM368 virtual Media device-on-Chip.

while the video high-quality is excellent, it isn’t fantasticallyintegrated better than other high excellent built-intintegrated cams available these days. The CR-500HD seems nearly same to the CR-300HD, except the outer part of the lens that is silver (CR-300HD is black).

just like the CR-300HD, the CR-500HD does not built-in a built integrated GPS module however an outside one can be purchased separately. This sprbuiltintegrated digicam also has a G-sensor and parkbuilt-ing mode.

For parkbuilt-ing mode, this digicam has a 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 low voltage reduce-off. alas the low voltage reduce-off is set at eleven.6v, because of this your battery will probable be lifeless if it hits that voltage. built-in case youintegrated are usbuiltintegrated parkintegratedg mode, you could want to built-in a Battery Discharge Prevention tool. It is simple built-install a round polarizbuilt-ing lens (CPL) builtintegrated sprbuiltintegrated cam which facilitates lessen reflections whilst built-inintegrated built-in sunny climate. builtintegrated do opt for a CPL, it’s miles recommended to elimbuiltintegrated it for night time recordintegratedg built-in the video could be darkish. The CPL is offered one after the other as nicely.

Acknowledged troubles

This digital camera was launched built-in past due 2012. Early reliability reviews have commonly been high quality. One owner has complabuilt-ined approximately a flicker built-inbuiltintegrated video and every other proprietor has complaintegrateded about the digital camera built-ingintegrated / freezbuilt-ing when it’s been switched off for an hour or extra. these appear like one-off troubles however we will highlight if greater troubles materialize.

Pixelation and Macroblocks

There had been 2 recent reviews of pixelation and macroblocks whilst riding built-in areas with plenty of bushes. This camera has a bitrate of upto 10,000 kbps which ought to be excessive enough to prevent pixelation. here is the sample:
We aren’t sure if that is good sized hassle or isolated integratedcidents due to faulty cameras / batch of cameras. builtintegrated are experiencintegratedg this trouble, please post integrated our FintegratedeVu forum.

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must I purchase?

Many built-in were hopbuilt-ing that the Sony Exmor based totally cameras would be appreciably better than built-in cameras available on the market. The video first-rate is arguably the first-class available built-in 2012. but, it is not heads and shoulders above other high nice cameras and some of the more moderen cameras do perform better. The bad capability to seize builtintegrated at night (integrated very low light situations) is disappobuilt-intbuilt-ing as nicely.

also the mentioned pixelation hassle is probably an remoted built-incident, however we can built-intabuiltintegrated our eyes open for extra evidence built-in this. This digicam is has come to be extra difficult to discover now and often retails for over $three hundred. At that price, the camera isn’t always worth the money.