12 Week Mastery Review – Hot or Not?

12 Week Mastery Review – Hot or Not?

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut? Do you feel that instead of blasting through obstacles and making massive, meaningful progress, you are simply drifting through life without much conviction? Are you wasting your years being unproductive instead of bringing your A game to the party?

Is procrastination poisoning your self-confidence and ruining your life bit by bit? Would you like to break free from this vicious downward spiral and live up to your true potential?

If yes, then the 12 Week Mastery program that will be launched on 22nd June presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to maximise your own productivity and make a truckload of money simultaneously! Find out more about the in this exclusive 12 Week Mastery review.

What is the program about?

The program introduces people to a unique concept known as the 12 week year. In short, it aims to teach you how to accomplish more in 12 weeks than most other people do in 12 months.

By singing on as a partner in the program – you also get the chance to earn as much as 998 US dollars per sale! Many people sweat it out for earning a few cents in commission. Sometimes, they get lucky and earn up to a few dollars per sale.

However, now you can quit fighting in the pits and compete with the big players – if you apply the principles taught in the program, you can possibly make more in a month than you make in an entire year!

Who is the creator of the program?

The program has been created by New York Times Bestselling Author, renowned public speaker, corporate executive and entrepreneur, Brian P. Moran and marketing wizards Todd Brown and Tom Beal. The program is based on the best-selling book The 12 Week Year by Moran. In their day to day lives, the founders of this program are involved in teaching corporations to achieve their goal with pinpoint precision and laser focus. They help multinational corporations to improve their productivity and generate more income. These guys know their stuff! Moran has served as vice president of a billion dollar, fortune 1000 organization.
Most people plan for a year. However, Moran is of the firm opinion that a year is too long. We live in a volatile world where trends keep changing every few weeks. It is hard to predict what will happen 10, 11 or 12 months from now. Hence, planning for a year is not effective. It does induce a sense of urgency. On the other hand, when a person plans for 12 weeks – he/she is more in control.

A 12 week plan is much easier to execute than a 12 month plan. Also, market and social trends remain more predictable in a 12 week period than they do in a year.

What is contained in the program?
1) The 12 Week mastery includes live webinar training from Brain Moran and his colleagues. It is basically a step by step, easy to execute guide to transform the lazy you into a super-productive individual who actually gets things done instead of merely thinking about them! Brain’s real life clients spend up to 15 to 30 thousand dollars for live training. So you are getting a really sweet deal.

2) Educational and motivational emails and videos – these mails and videos are short but they are packed with ground-breaking ideas.

3) 2 tickets to the live event that will be held in West Palm Beach in Florida later this year. You will get a chance to interact face to face with some of the most forward thinkers of this century. Plus you will have a chance to make friendships with highly motivated and productive individuals. These are the people who drive the world instead of being driven by it!

4) Every client receives the book – The 12 Week Year as well as several other gifts and goodies. These include a 12 week year strategy, score cards and lots more.

5) 13 weekly webinar trainings by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington. These sessions will also include a question and answer event. All webinars are recorded and stored in the members’ area – just in case you happen to miss one of them or want to view them multiple times.

6) An optional 12 week year challenge to keep you on your toes and bring out the competitive spirit within you.

7) Access to a community of driven individuals – this will help you to quickly assimilate your new found knowledge since our environment has a substantial impact on our thinking and behaviour.

Final thoughts

The 12 week mastery is already making waves all over the world and it has not even been launched yet. We are highly optimistic about this program and we believe that it will immense benefit those are serious about improving their lives and making money online. This is one program that has the potential to take you from grass to grace in a very short time!

12 Week Mastery Reviews tutorial and bonuses

Third Part: 12 Weekly Mentoring Procedure that examine the meat & potatoes of this program as well as every week provides a real-time Q&A session. Subjects coming quickly. Real life Worth: $9,750 Plus perk 13th week College graduation Event.
Fourth Part: 2 Tickets to an Online Occasion that will certainly remain in West Palm Beach, FL. $1k worth each.
Fifth Element: (Opional yet a should do) One of the most amazing component::::: You could take part in a 12 Week Competition where you take examine of your ‘prior to’ scenario and afterwards utilize the actions you discovered right into a the real world circumstance. Grand reward champions are hand chose from Brian P. Moran himself as well as a variety of victors will certainly obtain a yet to be revealed plan that will certainly be valued at over $15k.